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about us

A school plays a prominent role in shaping the character and future of a student. With a credible vision, we redefine the contours of teaching and learning process. Our primary motto is to develop a generation that is capable of creative ability, critical thinking skills and excellent communication skills.

At Al Manar we promote selflessness, co-operative spirit and spirit of sharing. The holistic development and well being of the students are important to us. With sophisticated digital technology, we help our students to explore new frontiers of learning. The student centred teaching and learning process in the school help the students to prepare themselves for a bright career.

We have a meticulously planned curriculum that incorporates co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Our team of qualified and experienced teachers teach the students with their hearts which makes learning an enjoyable experience at Al-Manar. We extremely proud to convey that the school excels in all areas of the teaching and learning process. We invite you to explore the enthralling educational experience at Al Manar where we value and recognize the distinctive talents and abilities of each of our students.

Our Mission

The mission of Al Manar Private School is to truly provide each child the values, the knowledge and the ability to be an independent, self-reliant and motivated individual, with strength in character and positive attitude to face the challenges and difficulties in life, and to attain a unique space in the world.

Our Vision

The vision is to empower each student to achieve his or her highest potential. The philosophy of the school is directly linked to the desired attributes and traits needed throughout childhood, in order to progress successfully in life. We capitalize on the uniqueness of our students as great thinkers, communicators and successful social beings in a highly competitive era.